Casting, Director, Crew, Technical Equipment… everything balanced on the real production needs. No preconception on the deliverable. What makes a commercial a commercial is the “TV on air” and not just the production set up. We believe in the knowledge from different production approaches mixed according to what is really needed - a so-called digital video can become a commercial and the other way around.

Smart Production considers every possible usage for the final result without starting from one single point of view. All possible angles are explored and considered, enabling multiple usages or adaptations of your content.





NEXTHING ENTERTAINMENT is our company based in Rome. We work on TV format, TV Series and movie. The company owns more then 10 formats and some of them has already been on air.

From the creation to the production our extensive experience is what makes us more than just a film production company. We join all our expertise from the advertising and the communication world in a new mix that gives new perspective to the entertainment.